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poor puppy..what happens to the “cat” genius.. hmmmm?

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We all respect someone who is clever, they always know what to say, they always do well in life, but sometimes it is nice to spare a thought for the ‘others’ who are… how can I put this without being rude? Um, err, I can’t… spare a thought for others who are ‘thick.’

Here in no particular order, just the way they planned their revision I suspect, are some more answers to exam questions from the UK’s finest, though finest what we haven’t quite put our fingers on yet.

Question: The Bible is full of interesting caricatures. Explain:

Answer: In the first book of the Bible, Guinessis, Adam and Eve were created from an apple tree. One of their children,Cain,asked, ‘Am I my brother’s son?’

Question: Where was the American Declaration of Independence signed?

Answer: At the bottom.

Question: To change centimetres to metres, you…?

Answer: Take out centi.


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#Meet Justin


lmao…haaaaaahaaa (in tears)

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My youngest daughter just got a new Pushchair dangly thing, a Beaver (you can tell it’s a Beaver by the faithful, natural colouring and design of course) and I was asked to give it a name.

Justin Beaver

Well in my book there could only be one name for such a handsome Beaver.
Dear cuddly readers please meet Justin Beaver, I called the new toy that because he does look rather like the… I’m sorry I had to go away and look up exactly what Justin Bieber did, apparently he is a Canadian singer-songwriter, dancer, and actor, well you learn something everyday!


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Oh dear! It’s exam results time in the UK…


what’s a “conker”?

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They say that Japan has the best education system in the world and believe it or not the UK is second, with South Korea third.

Well I don’t know where they people who complied that list get their information from because according to the list of answers to reasonably easy questions (that a Cat could answer without reference, and I don’t mean Google) a lot of students in the UK are very very dumb indeed.

Question: The first cells were probably…?
Answer: Lonely.

Question: Suggest one reason why it is a good idea to collect data by asking the public to observe when conkers open:

Answer: So the government doesn’t have to do it.

Question: What do the following chemical equations stand for – HCOONa:

Answer: Matata.

Question: Write an example of a risk:

Answer: This.

Question: When should a motorist use his or her bright beams?

Answer: When he…

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