Tuesday, Aug 28, 2018

Part of me is waiting the iconic chopping block BUT on the positive note i am getting ready for work 12-7p ugh.. “Alva say away from my space”


“Oh U Think U R Sexy”

This “twit” chooses to spray Axe body spray while siting next to me wtf.First of all I dont want to smell like a dude; I take showers; Last I checked I am a woman/Female. Omg spray tht before u go anywhere.

“Panic attack” Day

These month has been overwhelming busy, stress, n so on. Continually collecting my jumbled up brain. These might b the aftermath of my heart valve surgery last year on December. I can blame it on everything or everyone who have been in my way. Karma kicked my “ass”..pardon my “French”. My “insides” calmed a bit. My goofy friend is quite..ugh. Stinkybutt. Its 12:06p..the day is half way over.