Beautiful Africa – well the scenery at least!

no thanks.. lol Mr. Special doesnt LOOK special

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Africa is beautiful, but tends to be spoilt by the politicians and to some degree people like ‘Mr. Special Edward’ who as you can see from the picture below is a cross between a witch doctor and a beautician, offering as he does “Secret Lady Buttock Enlaging Gel” that is of course Buttock Enlarging Gel without the ‘r.’

Katete Zambia the beauty capital of the world

Honestly how dim or larcenous do you have to be to offer such a potion, sorry ‘gel?’ And that beggars a question, how dim do you have to be to buy it?

Sadly Africa is a beautiful country which is rather let down by it’s people, I have started to wonder if their collective leadership throughout the continent have something to do with it?

I saw this article and thought, yes of course it does!

Mo Ibrahim African leaders prize unclaimed again
The world’s most valuable individual prize – the Mo…

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