Indian/English it’s the new gibberish

awwwh lol..traffic police or “foot” patrol.

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Most Indians speak English, but do they make sense?

Most Indians speak English but do they make sense

I think that the verdict is out don’t you dear cuddly readers.

Fancy confusing a part of a foot with the act of removal, the only others who get all confused about ‘toes’ are the Russian poor loves who call all of their toes, ‘fingers’ or possibly the other way around and as for the word ‘thumb’ well you can forget about them altogether there isn’t a Russian word for thumbs. Occasionally you will hear a Boris or a Nadia call their thumbs my “big finger” and they won’t be toddlers, they will be grownups! If you ever did!

The Russians do have names for their fingers (only on their hands I believe, not the fingers at the end of each foot), where we in the west have ‘index’ finger the Russians have a pointing finger and our ring finger is…

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