French translated into English – I think

i always park my”hugs” to my friends, family n my boyfriend. lmao

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I would be delighted to know just how to park my “hugging” and if anyone can tell me that would be perfect. However I really don’t need any photographs or illustrations thanks to assist the explanation because I have a feeling that they wouldn’t be all that appropriate.

Still the last line of the parking instructions really makes me want to visit Hôtel La Bonbonnière it’s a shame that the back entrance is a lot less attractive than the front though, but that must be something to do with all that parking referred to above!

Hôtel La Bonbonnière

Oh you don’t believe me! Ok here is the front!

Hôtel La Bonbonnière Front

Still, and you can take this from a Cat who knows, the location is very pretty and if you are ever in the Djon area of France and need a room for the night, with it has to be said ‘interesting’ parking arrangements then the…

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