Nigeria the land of idiots!

thts stupid to catagorize beliefs even to a cat. lol

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Yes that’s right I called Nigeria a land of idiots and I jolly well meant it. Why? Well let me tell you a little story and see if you don’t agree with me!

Apparently Bull the cat has found himself homeless… for having the wrong sort of furry friends.

In a truly strange turn of events that’s gripped the small backward town of Lafia, Nigeria, a 7 year old Cat called Bull has been disowned by his owner for being ‘gay!’ Yes you read that correctly ‘gay!’

Gay Cat

This long suffering Cat’s fool of an owner claims that he has engaged in ‘unnatural sexual behaviour,’ and that she has watched him making advances towards other male cats while ignoring females. (I wonder why she watches?)

Apparently Bull’s foolish owner said about him that his actions are “a contradiction of the laws of nature,” and after throwing him out said “anybody interested…

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