Fly Kulula Airlines for a fun flight!

omg r u serious lol

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In a world that has made flying one of the least enjoyable experiences out of what used to be something to look forward to, Kulula a low-cost South-African airline, is trying as hard as it can to put some fun back into flying.

Kulula Airlines 1

Kulula Airlines 2

As you can see Kulula Airlines doesn’t take itself too seriously.

Kulula Airlines 3

Kulula Airlines 4

Kulula Airlines is just what the airline industry needs. I love them don’t you?

Kulula Airlines 5

Kulula Airlines 6

Let’s hope that Kulula flies on forever and that some bastard with no sense of humour doesn’t suddenly start to think that the Prophet Mohammed has been offended by the silly signs or bright green livery, you know what Jihadists are like almost anything will set them off unless it’s segregated and covered in a veil and no fun whatsoever!

Oh dear I can feel a Fatwah coming on against The Cat can’t you? Although in the Islamic faith ‘Fatwah’ is the…

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