Wikipedia – the nonsense behind the ‘truth!’

then what encyclopedia makes sense then?

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For some reason, which beats the hell out of me, millions of people around the world trust the information which is exhibited on Wikipedia in between it’s requests for money that is.

Why do people put such trust in Wikipedia is a mystery to me, because the providers of the ‘information’ (and I use that term lightly here) presented by Wikipedia isn’t written by experts, leaders in their fields or other respected information providers, it’s cobbled together by literally any Tom, Dick or Harriet! Or worse institutions or corporations using Wikipedia’s amazing ability to ‘beat’ search engines and place their page just under Google’s or in other words second in any rankings.

Here is the latest nonsense from Wikipedia, I hope that you find it as bizarre as I do!

Substance Abuse

“This page has some issues” indeed – tell that to the Substance Abusers!

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