Why so selfish about Black Cats?

if i had a cat i would video tape/take alot of pictures. in my current situation i have pictures of my cousin’s cat “Cow”(because of his spots)

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How can you resist this little fella?


You can’t right, well if that is the case then you don’t take ‘selfies’ with your Cat!

Apparently there is a growing trend in the UK, and probably everywhere else for that matter, of giving away Black Cats because, and wait for this you won’t believe it either! Black Cats don’t look good in selfies – selfies are the self taken pictures taken by people who are preoccupied with err… themselves, which are then sent to friends, who haven’t asked for them by mobile phones and tablets – Steve Jobs you have a lot to answer for!

It has been reported by no less an august organisation than the RSPCA that 70 per cent of more than 1,000 cats in their care in Britain are Black or Black and White and the same can be said for any number of animal sanctuaries around…

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