Once in a while it has to be Piddle!

ooooh thts where Beer is “grown”lol

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A place to drink Piddle Beer Dorset

Ok I should explain. There is a river in Dorset called the River Piddle, sadly it isn’t that much of a River actually, more of a piddling little stream in most places that it dribbles its way through. From this river, so they say, whoever ‘they’ are, water is drawn for a rather fine beer. Piddle Beer which always has them rolling in the aisles, for a number of reasons tee hee.

And so it’s only logical that one of the hostelries along the occasionally meandering course of The River Piddle should be ‘The Piddle Inn,’ no sorry it’s not an instruction or indeed an invitation, it’s a Pub where they serve Piddle Beer.

If you want a bit of local history then do read on, personally I like bits of information like the following.

The river Piddle is old enough to have several names among them are Pidelen and…

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