The world’s oldest Cat

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Missan a farm Cat from Sweden is about to gain a place in the Guinness Book of Records as the world’s oldest living Cat. And judging by the right hook she is throwing in the picture below it looks like Missan even at her advanced age could go a lot more than 12 rounds doesn’t it!

Missan the worlds oldest cat

Åsa Wickberg, from Karlskoga in southern Sweden, found and promptly adopted Missan when she was a kitten in 1985.

But Ms Wickberg didn’t realise how impressive her pet’s lifespan was until she read a newspaper article about a Cat who was ‘younger’ and quickly made a few phone calls.

So move over Tiffany Two, from San Diego, California, who until now was considered to be the world’s oldest living Cat but is actually ‘only’ 26.

But Missan still has some way to go to better the oldest Cat in history! Creme Puff, from Austin…

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2 thoughts on “The world’s oldest Cat

  1. I like the fact that this girl has still got loads of fight in her. Just look at that right paw. Tee hee! Hope your Bday was good and that you have your raise now! I read that all you guys were going to get one so paws crossed.


    The Cat

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