This makes u wonder how ppl’s homes look like..though I am at a food court..I come on my days off/payday. Minus the here is pretty good. ūüėČ


2 thoughts on “Lunch..

  1. You are so lucky to have an untidy food court! Send bowls full to Prague please, especially Beef and Prawn dishes. Actually I was in a food court today in a place called Cerny Most – it means Black Bridge in Czech, which is odd because the area is not black and I mean it isn’t a dark place rather than some reference to a demographic of the population (phew dodged a bullet there, well you have to be so careful these days don’t you?) and there isn’t a bridge anywhere to be found and I have looked, to say nothing about a river or other obstacle that one might use a bridge for.

    Just as an aside here my friend from Nigeria live in an area where the streets are Afric√°, Etiopsk√°, Tunisk√°, Mozambick√° and Senegalsk√° to name but a few interconnecting neighbourhoods or should that juast be shortened to “hoods” yall!

    Have a great week!


    The cat

    1. Thank u as always putting life in check on how spoiled it can b over here. It frustrating though especially the possibility of Trump being President. I want to revolk my citizenship n move out of the US. Lol

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