Hi one of my three days off. I was told by a co worker they r cutting hours before “black Friday” horror..omg but I think its slightly bs.


What hey..bit frustrating..


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  1. Three days off how nice! I am sure that they won’t cut your hours, not someone as professional and qualified as your good self.

    A very, very long time ago when I used to work for a company instead of running one I was on holiday and lying by the pool relaxing in the second week of my break in Spain. I started talking to a couple from the city where my company’s head office was. When they found out who I worked for they went a bit quiet and then said that my employer had gone bust and closed down probably sometime during the first week of my holiday.

    Several days later I arrived at Heathrow airport and drove straight to my company’s showroom hoping that the couple I had been talking to were wrong, but it was completely empty everything had just vanished.

    So I was tanned and out of work. I decided then and there to never work for anyone again and run my own company which for me was the best decision I ever made. I think I was about 20 then, such a long time ago now sadly.

    Happily I still had the company car and when they told me that I had to return it I told them that I would do so after they paid my bonuses and salary, it took the accountant winding up the company nearly a year to pay their debt to me and then they got a very dusty car back which had been in my garage for that time because it wasn’t legal for me to drive it, sadly they didn’t wan tto pay the garaging bill I sent them har ha.

    Have a great break and don’t worry if they cut your hours it’ll give you time to do something else.


    The Cat

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